No on Prop E is a coalition of concerned citizens supporting freedom of choice, adult consumers, harm reduction advocates, community leaders, and neighborhood small businesses.

Last year, the coalition submitted an unprecedented 34,000 signatures from San Francisco voters—nearly double what was needed—to give San Franciscans the opportunity to decide whether neo-prohibition is the appropriate policy for a city that has never been about telling adults what they can and cannot do.

We OPPOSE Proposition E, City Hall’s ban on the sale on menthol cigarettes, hookah tobacco, most vaping liquids and all other tobacco products they deem to contain a characterizing flavor. Because…Let’s Be Real! Bans and prohibitions just don’t work! Not during Prohibition, not during the failed War on Drugs, and NOT today.

We all want to keep tobacco out of the hands of kids! However, there are more effective solutions than passing “feel good” legislation that sounds good on a press release, but is riddled with problems.

Please join us in June on voting No on Prop E.

A Flawed Plan

The Board of Supervisors’ plan to impose Prohibition on menthol cigarettes, hookah tobacco, most vaping liquids and many
other tobacco products is flawed and wrong for San Francisco. History and common-sense tell us that bans and prohibitions targeting legal adult choices: (1) won’t work; (2) will have unintended consequences; and (3) distract from other priorities facing the City.

We elected the Board of Supervisors to work at City Hall addressing San Francisco’s real problems, not to enact “press release policies” that merely give the appearance of a solution. Instead of solving problems like homelessness, affordable housing, gentrification, traffic congestion and car break-ins; they’ve given us this New Prohibition and patted themselves on the back.

Proposition E will push sales to the underground economy, creating serious unintended consequences. It may even increase youth access to tobacco, because those willing to deal out of the back of a car won’t check ID won’t hesitate selling to kids.

California recently increased the age to purchase tobacco to 21 years old. We believe that the real solution to keep tobacco out of the hands of minors is to actually enforce the new Age 21 law, punish retailers and other sources who violate the law, and focus the millions of dollars the City and County receives for youth tobacco education to actually educate our kids on the harms of tobacco use.

We hope you will GET THE FACTS on why you should VOTE  NO ON PROP E.